Puppy with one ear looks like unicorn

Puppy with one ear looks like unicorn

Posted on 03/15/2020


We always like to end our newscast on a positive note.

This adorable golden retriever puppy is proof unicorns do exist!

Rae is 12 weeks old and was born with one ear on top of her head.

That say Rae's mother was trying to tear the amniotic sac open and little Rae's ear was bitten off.

To compensate, her other ear started growing towards the center of her head.

In case you're wondering, yes she hears just fine.

And now she has a cutest unicorn horn ever.

But her special feature doesn't phase Rae.

Her owner says she has a big personality and loves life.

No doubt she's spoiled with lots of love, treats and of course rubs behind the ear.

Posted - 3.14.20