Trump sends letter to governors on social distancing

Trump sends letter to governors on social distancing

Posted on 03/27/2020


On Thursday President Trump sent a letter to the nation's governors saying that the administration is working on new guidelines that would help state and local leaders come up with new social distancing measures in the weeks ahead.

The letter says counties across the US will be designated high-risk, medium risk or low risk depending on their exposure to the virus.

Trump said "large sections of the country probably can go back (to normal) much sooner than other sections."

However the proposal may be at odds with the Trump administration health experts who are urging a "go slow" approach.

In addition both Democrats and Republicans have been pleading with the President to listen to the scientists.

And some governors and mayors may be unwilling to comply with the President's proposal.

The President is under pressure to reignite the economy after nearly 3.3 million Americans filed unemployment claims last week, the highest number on record.

But Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says Americans will just have to ride it out.

And top health experts say people around the world will just have to adjust to life in the era of social distancing.

Posted - 3.27.20