Officials warn about mysterious 'Seeds from China'

Officials warn about mysterious 'Seeds from China'

Posted on 07/29/2020


Authorities in Georgia have put out a warning this week about residents getting unsolicited packages containing seeds apparently from China.

The state's agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black says they aren't sure what the seeds are.

So Georgia's Department of Agriculture is warning residents not to open the packages or plant the seeds.

The seeds typically have Chinese characters on the label.

Authorities say it's unclear who is sending the packages and why.

Authorities advise anyone who receives one of the packages to avoid touching the contents and carefully secure it in a plastic bag.

The agriculture department also said the seeds could be an invasive species.

Invasive species can be detrimental to native plants, insects and crops causing great damage to the local environment.

Authorities want anyone who gets unsolicited seeds from any country including China to call the Georgia Department of Agriculture immediately.

Agriculture departments in Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio, South Carolina and Washington State have issued similar warnings.

Posted - 7.28.20