Boy sells cacti to buy computer

Boy sells cacti to buy computer

Posted on 07/22/2020


The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically altered schooling for children around the world with many countries suspending in-person lessons to prevent the spread of the disease.

This shift has created problems for students who may not have internet access or even the devices required for online learning.

This is the case for 12-year-old Mario Urroz who lives in Nicaragua.

Mario told CNN he has been using his mother's cell phone to do his homework ever since the school suspended his in-person classes.

He says he realizes money is tight so his parents can't afford to buy him a computer.

So Mario started his own business selling a local breed of cacti to save for one.

Mario buys the cacti from a local farm and then transplants them to colorful pots he paints with the help of his older sister.

After that his parents post the different pot designs to social media so potential customers can pick them out.

Orders are then placed through WhatsApp and delivered to customers.

The Urroz family says Mario hopes to have enough money to buy a computer by December.

Mario says he one day hopes to pursue a career in natural sciences or architecture.

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