Only white guards kept near former cop

Only white guards kept near former cop

Posted on 06/24/2020


In Minneapolis, where former officer Derek Chauvin shopping is being held, eight officers at the jail say they were briefly barred from his floor on the day only day he was booked because of their skin color.

This is according to discrimination charges filed with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights.

Chauvin was charged with murder in the death of George Floyd.

The officers allege that on May 29 they were told to report to the third floor of the jail.

One employee said that when they arrived on the third floor, they realize only the "facility's employees of color" were on that floor.

The employee said that it had become clear they had been segregated from the fifth floor, where Chauvin was to be held.

The facility's superintendent, who made the decision to separate the officers, soon reversed the decision and issued an apology to the employees.

But the eight employees said they were "deeply humiliated" by the "segregation order."

The facility's superintendent said he made the decision in an attempt to "protect and support" employees who may have been dealing with the racial trauma of the death of Floyd and may have had to deal with "heightened ongoing trauma" dealing with Chauvin.

The officers' lawyer said they are demanding steps be taken to ensure the discriminatory behavior never happens again and they are seeking compensation for emotional distress and lost earnings.

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