Therapy dog comforts hospital staff

Therapy dog comforts hospital staff

Posted on 03/26/2020


One-year-old yellow Labrador Wynn is bringing joy and comfort to medical staff on the front lines of the coronavirus fight.

Wynn, a service dog in training, serves up cuddles to healthcare workers who need a mental break from the emergency room at Rose Medical Center in Denver, Colorado.

On Sunday emergency physician Susan Ryan, who trains Wynn, shared this image of the two.

The image shows the doctor wearing a face shield and a mask while sitting on the floor petting Wynn.

Ryan said seeing Wynn is the "brightest part" of the staff's day.

The staff also said that everyone that comes in contact with Wynn thoroughly washes their hands before touching her.

Wynn is currently being trained to become an assistance dog for Canine Companions for Independence, a non-profit that provides assistance dogs free of charge to adults, children and veterans with disabilities.

Posted - 3.26.20