Shoppers to spend more this Father’s Day

Shoppers to spend more this Father’s Day

Posted on 06/18/2020


The National Retail Federation (NRF) says people want this Father's Day to be the best one yet.

The retail organization expects consumers to spend 17-billion dollars on Father's Day this year.

The report says that 77 percent of the shoppers they surveyed say Father's Day is especially important because we are in a pandemic.

They want their dad to have a gift that matters.

So what kind of gifts fall into this category?

41 percent of shoppers told the NRF that this year's gift had to be unique or different.

36 percent said they wanted it to create a special memory.

The NRF says each consumer will spend around 149-dollars on Father's Day gifts.

That's approximately ten more dollars more than last year.

Posted - 6.18.20