102 year old woman recovers from coronavirus

102 year old woman recovers from coronavirus

Posted on 03/28/2020


According to doctors in Italy, a 102-year-old woman named Italica Grondona has recovered from coronavirus.

Grondona was hospitalized at the beginning of March for mild heart failure.

After being tested, doctors say her coronavirus results came back positive.

She spent more than 20 days in a hospital.

The doctor who treated Grondona said they nicknamed her "Highlander The Immortal" and said she represents hope for all the elderly facing this pandemic.

According to Italy's national health institute, the average age of those who have died from coronavirus is 78.

Doctors say her case impressed them so much that they decided to study it deeper.

Grondona left the hospital on March 26 and will now spend time recovering in a care home.

Posted - 3.28.20