US healthcare system overwhelmed by coronavirus

US healthcare system overwhelmed by coronavirus

Posted on 03/20/2020


As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the US continues to rise, there has been an increased demand on our healthcare system.

Those in the medical industry are battling with an ever-increasing number of patients, and an ever-dwindling amount of supplies like masks, ventilators, even hospital beds.

Vice President Mike Pence says the private sector will step in to help supply hospitals.

Pence also says masks are available now, and millions more are coming.

But health officials say they aren't getting them yet.

Supplies are so low in some places the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are now saying doctors and nurses can use homemade masks as a last resort.

On Thursday Trump held a conference call with all of the nation's governors during a visit to FEMA with the vice president urging hospitals across America to postpone elective surgeries in an effort to free up more space in hospitals.

Elective surgeries are planned, non-essential medical and surgical procedures.

Worried governors said elective surgeries are an incredibly important source of revenue for hospitals.

Meanwhile President Trump is pushing the FDA to fast-track approval for treatments for coronavirus.

The FDA says any drug would have to go through a clinical trial to make sure it's safe and effective before it's released.

Posted - 3.20.20