FTC warns businesses profiting off Covid 19

FTC warns businesses profiting off Covid 19

Posted on 06/10/2020


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) continues to send out strong warnings aimed at companies that may be trying to profit off of fears over Covid-19.

The FTC sent out at least 35 more letters warning marketers nationwide to stop making unsubstantiated claims that their products and therapies can treat or prevent Covid-19.

In total the commission says it's sent out similar warnings to more than 160 companies and individual people as part of the FTC's battle against Covid-19 related scams.

Most of the recent letters target so-called treatments offered in clinics or medical offices including "IV vitamin C and vitamin D infusion", supposed stem cell therapy and vitamin injections that may at first glance appear to be based in medicine.

However the FTC says there is currently no scientific evidence that these or any products or services can treat or cure Covid-19.

Therefore the claims violate the FTC Act which outlaws unfair practices.

The commission advises those who get the letter to immediately stop making all claims that their products can treat or cure Covid 19 and to notify the FTC within 48 hours about the specific ways they are addressing the agency's concerns.

The letters go on to say that if the false claims don't stop, the commission may seek a federal court injunction and an order requiring refunds to customers.

Posted - 6.9.20