Efforts to protect Trump increase

Efforts to protect Trump increase

Posted on 06/27/2020


President Trump is reportedly taking serious measures to avoid contracting coronavirus.

Sources say Trump has voiced escalating concerns about how it would appear if he contracted the virus.

Those familiar with his protocol say every venue he enters is inspected by medical and security teams when he travels to locations where the virus is surging.

Any bathroom he uses is scrubbed and sanitized before he arrives and anyone who comes into contact with him must be tested first.

The news comes as Trump appears to show a desire to shift attention away from the pandemic.

He was noticeably absent Friday at the first public coronavirus task force briefing in nearly 2 months.

Friday marked the highest single day of new Covid 19 cases in the US more than 40,000 infections reported.

Several campaign aides and Secret Service personnel who worked Trump's campaign rally in Tulsa last weekend have also tested positive for coronavirus.

An unidentified senior economic official who has been in close proximity to Trump this month tested positive as well.

Posted - 6.27.20