Fauci says vaccine might not get us to immunity

Fauci says vaccine might not get us to immunity

Posted on 06/29/2020


Sunday the nation's top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said a vaccine may not be enough to get the US to "herd immunity" if not enough people get it.

Herd immunity comes when a sufficient proportion of a population is immune to an infectious disease.

That can either be through prior illness or vaccination, so that continued spread of the disease is unlikely.

A CNN poll says one-third of Americans do not plan to have the Covid-19 vaccine when available.

And Sunday Fauci said he doubts the vaccine will be 100-percent effective but he will "settle" for one that is 70 to 75 percent effective.

Fauci said that having a vaccine that is 70 to 75 effective coupled with the fact that many Americans say they won't get it, makes it "unlikely" the US will achieve sufficient levels of immunity to quell the outbreak.

He said because of this the American public will need more education on the vaccine to show it's "safe and effective."

Three coronavirus vaccines are expected to be studied in large-scale trials in the next three months.

Posted - 6.29.20