What you need to know about being tested for COVID 19

What you need to know about being tested for COVID 19

Posted on 03/26/2020


Millions of people in the US and around the world are asking critical questions about getting tested for COVID-19.

Here is a breakdown on the steps people need to take if they want to be tested for coronavirus.

To start: How do you know if you need a coronavirus test?

Doctors say upper respiratory symptoms of coronavirus might start with a runny nose and/or a sore throat.

It generally then leads to cough and shortness of breath.

Next if you have a strong indication that you need a test who should you call first?

Officials say don't you show up. Call ahead.

Officials say notify your family doctor first.

The physician will do a screening test to see if you meet the criteria to be tested since they don't want to test well individuals.

This is due to the shortage of test kits.

If you meet the criteria, the physician will write you an order and then you would call a scheduling line to make an appointment.

Some locations are offering drive-through testing sites but many are under a lot of strain.

One commonly-asked question regarding drive-through test sites is can more than one person in a car be tested?

At a site in Arlington, Virginia officials say more than one person can be tested in a vehicle as long as everyone has an appointment and has been referred there by a doctor.

If you do take the test, officials say be ready for some discomfort.

At the facility in Arlington they insert a swab at the back of the throat.

But it varies.

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