Michigan dealing with coronavirus and historic flooding

Michigan dealing with coronavirus and historic flooding

Posted on 05/22/2020


Michigan is dealing with both the coronavirus and now historic flooding.

Intense rain caused the nearly 100-year-old Edenville and Sanford dams to breach Tuesday, sending water crashing downstream, unleashing waist deep floodwaters.

Parts of the city of Midland, Michigan is underwater.

Businesses and homes are flooded, stop signs are submerged below the surface and people are using kayaks to paddle down the streets.

About 11,000 people across central Michigan were forced to flee their homes.

Now many are in shelters where officials are trying to keep evacuees safe while also maintaining social distancing to avoid spreading the coronavirus.

Everyone's temperatures are checked at the door, services are constantly scrubbed down and beds are cleaned.

So far shelter organizers say they have not seen anyone with symptoms of the virus.

Though across Michigan the numbers of cases continues to go up, Midland waits for the floodwater to go down.

Posted - 5.22.20