Man registers bees as support animal (ASL - 12.8.19)

Man registers bees as support animal (ASL - 12.8.19)

Posted on 12/09/2019


A man from Arizona named David Keller successfully registered a beehive as a service animal to prove a point: too many people are faking their need for support.

Keller says last month he saw a service dog that he thought wasn't acting right.

He says he could easily tell it was not a service animal because the dog was pulling its owner through a parking lot on its leash.

So Keller decided to take a stand.

He went to a website called "" and successfully registered a picture of a beehive as a service animal.

According to a professional service animal trainer, anyone can go pay for a piece of paper for registry on one of those websites but it doesn't mean anything.

They say training is how you can actually tell an animal is a legitimate service animal or not.

As it turns out, the animal doesn't actually need to be registered anywhere.

And there are a few rules: federal law says only dogs and miniature horses can be used as service animals.

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