Naval base victims and shooter identified (ASL - 12.8.19)

Naval base victims and shooter identified (ASL - 12.8.19)

Posted on 12/09/2019


We are learning more about the victims of Friday shooting at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola.

The Navy confirms all three were sailors.

Among them was naval Airman Mohammad Sameh Haitham.

He was a 19-year-old from St. Petersburg, Florida.

His father describes him as an exceptional kid and all-star athlete.

Twenty-three-year-old ensign Joshua Kaleb Watson of Enterprise, Alabama was also killed.

His family is calling him a hero because even though he was shot multiple times, he was able to alert first response teams where the shooter was.

And 21-year-old airman apprentice Cameron Scott Walters of Richmond Hill, Georgia was also killed.

No picture has been provided for him just yet.

Authorities say they were gunned down by Mohammed AlShamrani, a member of the Saudi Arabia Air Force.

He was in Pensacola training as a naval flight officer as part of a three-year program.

The FBI has not deemed the attack an acts of terrorism.

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