Sign1News anchor Jethro Wooddall LIVE at #sixflagsovergeorgia #junkyarddog

Sign1News anchor Jethro Wooddall LIVE at #sixflagsovergeorgia #junkyarddog

Posted on 10/06/2019

Hello everyone!

I’m Jethro Wooddall at Six Flags over Georgia.

I was supposed to be at the new ride Pandemonium.

Unfortunately it was too windy and they closed the ride.

So now I’m here at the Junk Yard Dog.

You will see werewolves creeping around.

Help me see what’s behind me.

Ok, here are a couple of news stories for today.


We have an update to the whistleblower scandal involving President Trump.

The New York Times is reporting that a second intelligence official, with concerns and more direct knowledge regarding Trump's phone call with Ukraine's president, is considering filing a whistleblower complaint.

The Times is citing two sources briefed on the matter.

One of the sources told the Times the second official is one of the people interviewed by the Inspector General in an effort to confirm the initial whistleblower complaint.

The Inspector General made clear that the second whistleblower was not simply communicating information he or she heard from someone else.

Trump has openly called on Ukraine and China to investigate the Bidens, asserting on Thursday that he has the "absolute right" to ask "other countries" to investigate corruption especially since there is growing scrutiny over his interactions with foreign leaders.

Today is the first day since fall started that temperatures here in Atlanta aren't in the upper 90's.

Thank goodness for that!

Even though fall officially started on September 23, it hasn't felt like it for many states across the country.

In fact, three wild weather events have marked the start of fall.

Let's start with the heatwave in the South.

Nashville, Pensacola and Indianapolis are among dozens of cities that broke October heat records with temperatures in the 90's on the first day of the month.

Thankfully meteorologists say the hot temperatures should be dissipating in the next few days.

Now let's head to the Northwest where the complete opposite it taking place.

The National Weather Service says record-breaking amounts of snow fell on parts of Montana and Washington State just as the fall season started.

Great Falls, Montana got hit with 9.7 inches of snow on September 28th.

That was the highest one-day September snow amount in the city's history.

And then there was category 5 hurricane Lorenzo but it the storm didn't happen where you might think.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Lorenzo brought strong wind and heavy rain to Ireland and parts of the U-K.

It is the strongest hurricane ever recorded so far north and east in the Atlantic.

Ok listen to this!

Wendy's is taking its fight against frozen beef to another level.

The fast food burger chain has released a new game called "Feast of Legends."

The company describes it as a tabletop role-playing game similar to the popular Dungeons and Dragons game.

Players can download a book from their website and use it to create characters.

Those characters are supposed to join together to save the nation of Freshtovia from "the Ice Jester and his rogue group of frozen fiends that threaten Queen Wendy's reign of prosperity."

Ok, really?

Anyway, the game is currently available on

So those are all of our news stories for today.

I hope you enjoyed Six Flags and seeing so many Deaf people mingling around and chatting.


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