60 thin polar bears descend on town looking for food (ASL - 12.6.19)

60 thin polar bears descend on town looking for food (ASL - 12.6.19)

Posted on 12/07/2019


Take a look at this picture from Russia.

About 60 polar bears invaded a small village in search of food.

That prompted public events to be canceled and about 500 residents to shelter inside.

Bear patrols have been stepped up around the village and schools to avoid a surprising, unexpected encounter with the bears.

Environmentalists say climate change might be to blame.

According to World Wildlife Fund (WWF), higher than usual temperatures are causing ice to melt, affecting the bears' hunting habitats.

Normally if the ice was strong enough, the bears would have gone to sea to hunt for seals.

Instead they are searching inland for the carcasses of walruses that were left on the village shore since the fall.

Environmentalists say the polar bears that descended on the town were young and old and nearly all of them were thin.

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