Last phase before Dems write up articles of impeachment (ASL - 12.9.19)

Last phase before Dems write up articles of impeachment (ASL - 12.9.19)

Posted on 12/10/2019


The impeachment inquiry against President Trump moved into a new phase today (Monday).

The House Judiciary Committee heard evidence presented by lawyers from both parties, Democrat and Republican.

The lawyers laid out information already gathered in previous hearings to make the case for why it does or does not justify impeachment.

However less than two minutes after the hearing began, an angry pro-Trump protester jumped up and started yelling at the Committee.

He was still yelling "Jerry Nadler and the Democratic Party are committing treason in this country!" as security escorted him out of the building.

The fireworks didn't stop there.

Throughout the proceedings, Republicans sparred with Democrats over the validity of the hearing.

This is expected to be the final public hearing before Democrats begin crafting articles of impeachment against Trump.

Democrats say they have a rock solid case and the integrity of the next election is at stake.

But Trump's Republican defenders say Democrats have failed to present evidence that Trump committed any wrongdoing, let alone impeachable offenses.

The White House declined to participate in today's hearing, arguing the inquiry is rigged against Trump.

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