'Off the Grid Missions' debuts new trailer (ASL - 12.7.19)

'Off the Grid Missions' debuts new trailer (ASL - 12.7.19)

Posted on 12/07/2019


And speaking of rescues, our friends at "Off The Grid Missions" just released its new trailer.

This amazing group of people travel the world to provide Deaf and hard of hearing people access to life-saving resources after a disaster strikes.

Their latest mission was to the Bahamas where they found many Deaf Bahamians in the dark without access to food or water.

But not only do they provide supplies, Off The Grid Missions also empowers the Deaf community in the countries they visit by leaving them tools to thrive and live independently, teaching them how to implement a water filtration system and carefully selecting Deaf individuals to serve as leaders when the mission group leaves.

Off The Grid Missions is a nonprofit organization so if you like to learn more on how you can help go to www.offthegridmissions.org.

Now check out their new trailer.

Great job and keep up the good work!

The Closed Caption version of this video can be found here:

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