Apple says it's not tracking you if location is off (ASL - 12.6.19)

Apple says it's not tracking you if location is off (ASL - 12.6.19)

Posted on 12/07/2019


Earlier this week a security reporter said the new iPhone 11 Pro was seeking a user's location even when the service was disabled.

That caused many iPhone users to believe Apple was tracking them even though the location function was turned off.

Today Apple issued a statement denying it, saying the location activity was only related to its new ultra wideband technology.

According to a statement from Apple, the wideband technology is an industry standard that's subject to international regulations that require it to be turned off in certain locations.

Because of that, the newest iPhones need to check to see if they are being used in countries where Apple hasn't yet received approval to launch ultra wideband.

That's why the arrow location indicator sometimes appears in the upper menu of new iPhones.

Apple said it plans to release a new iOS update that will include an option to disable the technology.

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